Dark Venture - BATTLE of the ANCIENTS

Created by Rob Lemon

A tactical strategy game set in a dark-fantasy future where players control asymmetric factions engaging in brutal conflict.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

almost 2 years ago – Sat, Apr 30, 2022 at 12:13:43 AM

Hello backers!

Good news! This week we received the Battle of the Ancients blank sample (an unprinted version of the core game and expansions to review all the finishes/textures on the boards, cards, tokens, the box/package, etc.) and the color proofs (to review the color of the game at actual size).

The game requires a few minor graphic revisions but, for the most part, everything looks GREAT!!

I made several videos reviewing the color proofs and the blank samples. Some notes on these videos: the factory is still working on the core box insert so it isn't included (it'll be sent to us separately); the map boards don't have wrapped edges yet (also, the fold lines will have an extra hinge layer); the cloth bags, the minis, and the dice (8 attack, 8 defense, and 6 action) aren't included in the blank sample video.  Enjoy!

Color Proof of the Core Game: 

Blank Samples of the Core Game and Expansions:

Color Proof of the Expansions: 

Bonus (no respect!):

Thanks again, stay safe!


April Production Update and THE SOUNDTRACK!!
about 2 years ago – Mon, Apr 11, 2022 at 12:58:36 AM

Hi Backers!

Firstly, a short game production update. The Battle of the Ancients eProof has been approved (after several additional rounds). We are now awaiting the delivery of the blank sample and the printed color proof from the manufacturer for review and approval. More on that soon!

Next, the Dark Venture: Battle of the Ancients OFFICIAL SOUNDTRACK by Errant Space is complete!! We will be sending out the physical CD’s (to those who ordered them) THIS WEEK (deliveries to the USA should arrive within a week or so, worldwide deliveries could take several weeks to arrive). Those who purchased the digital soundtrack (along with those who purchased the physical CD) can grab their DOWNLOAD CODE through BACKERKIT right NOW! You can start here: https://dv-battle-of-the-ancients.backerkit.com (log into your Backerkit account here https://www.backerkit.com/backer_accounts/sign_in).

I think that the final soundtrack fits the game perfectly! It is filled with odd and surprising musical and ambient moments. Have it on in the background while you play (when you get your game!!!), or just listen to it when you’re in a Dark Venture mood.

If you didn’t purchase the CD or a digital copy during the Kickstarter campaign or as a Backerkit add-on, the album is now available for sale on BANDCAMP  for $10. Listen to a bit, and If you enjoy it, support Errant Space and grab a digital copy for your archives!


That’s it for now, more on the physical production of the game very soon. Until the next update, stay safe!


The Digital Proof
about 2 years ago – Sun, Mar 13, 2022 at 05:09:20 AM

Hello backers!

Game production is going well and we should hit a new milestone...this week! Last week we were sent the “eProof” of Battle of the Ancients, a digital layout of pages that included ALL printed components (cards, dashboards, the game box, etc.).

Cards, punchboards, the rule book, more cards, dashboards!

At this stage, we are reviewing the layouts for glaring errors like sizing issues, uneven cut lines, and incorrect card-backs. I’m happy to report that, so far, I’ve seen NO MAJOR ERRORS. I’m also taking this opportunity to review all the rules and to go over each scenario, one by one, to make (minor) final revisions. I’ve been playing through the whole game, often running 5-player games by myself (either playing each faction to the best of my ability, or using the Auto-Enemy Action decks to control several of the factions). This is a big feat as there's a lot of content to review!! However, if things continue to progress as planned, I’ll be done by the middle of THIS WEEK. That is to say, I will be approving the first eProof before the end of the week.

Scenario Book A in all it's pre-printed glory!

Next, we will see a revised eProof to (quickly) review and approve any changes. Then, a “blank sample” will be manufactured. This sample will include all game components (using the exact paper, card, and cardboard thicknesses) unprinted (in white) to confirm that everything will fit into the box and that all components have the correct finish. I will be sure to update you with *EXCITING* blank, white photos of everything! After that, we will see a (physical) color print of all components to check for any final color issues. We are almost there!

I’ll be continuing to oversee the “quality control” and delivery/fulfillment of Battle of the Ancients, updating you along the way, but will (hopefully soon) turn my sights to reprinting the original Dark Venture (along with some new content!) More on that in the coming weeks.

The core box, large cards, and several item cards!

So, in summary, the eProof is virtually approved, the blank sample will arrive for review soon, the printed color proof will be delivered soon after that, and I’ll be keeping you updated along the way. PROGRESS!!

Until the next stage of production, stay safe!


More on the Horizon
about 2 years ago – Mon, Feb 07, 2022 at 08:47:29 AM

Hello Backers!

I hope you are well. This is a “mini-update” to let you know that things are going great and progressing well. We are PATIENTLY WAITING for the next stage of development. As expected, all files (with the exception of the expansion Adventure books which have a few last minute finalizations) are APPROVED to move forward and the factory will do just that mid-February. There is still time to make changes (between the next stages) so we continue to test and refine!

An ADVENTURE GAME in progress (utilizing the Kings & Heroes Expansion), quite early in the game. Delok (of the Alderkang faction) rides his undead horse into the palace. After decapitating a castle guard with the JAWBLADE from horseback, he trots into the throne room. He'd like a word with the king. This probably isn't going to end well.

There will be a lot more to show in the next month or two, so stay tuned! Shortest update ever? Almost, but not quite.

Thanks for your continued support, stay safe!


New Year, New Things to See!
over 2 years ago – Mon, Jan 03, 2022 at 11:39:32 PM


Last year was not easy for anyone, but 2021 is *finally* over and I am SO READY to dig into 2022, the year that you will finally play DARK VENTURE: BATTLE OF THE ANCIENTS! Through December 2021, I worked tirelessly on the game, critically reviewing every single component ONE LAST TIME (with the help of several others). The rules have really solidified, it looks and plays great!

In terms of production and manufacturing, as of this week, the manufacturer has reviewed all of the most up-to-date game files and, as expected, there are some corrections to be made: the spacing between die-cuts is being optimized, tokens are being shifted around to make sure they all fit properly, item counts (for cards, boards, and tokens) are being confirmed, etc. With regard to scheduling, I plan to have everything approved and finalized before the Chinese New Year so that we can start manufacturing after the break (in early February). Once the games have been made (this could take a month or more), they’ll be freight shipped to fulfillment centers, then on to you! As we continue to hit production milestones and receive deliveries from the factory (the “white box” copy, digitally printed color proofs, pre-production samples), I will make sure to let you know.

Speaking of which, last week I received a package from the manufacturer with samples of all the wood, cloth, and plastic game components!

The delivery included new castings of the FENCE, WALL, and FALLEN STAR models. They look great and their color contrasts against the map boards very well, exactly as we wanted them to!

The shipment also had a sample yellow Orpal Portal Bag, included in the Core game, and a purple Beast Draw Bag, included in the Beasts & Eggmen expansion. They both look amazing!

Lastly, the manufacturer’s package included a full set of PREMIUM WOOD TOKENS. I was blown away by them, they look and feel incredible!

These are the wood tokens from the CORE GAME, the expansion tokens can be seen in the bags behind them.

Battle of the Ancients is (by far!) the largest project I have ever worked on, and it is amazing to see pieces of it, especially these 3D components, finally coming together.

Until next time, stay safe!